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RESEARCH UNIT: Molecular Nanoscience and Organic Materials (NANOMOL)

Centre of Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials (NANOMOL)

NANOMOL contributions have been focused to provide new molecule-based multifunctional advanced materials to be used in tissue engineering, in drug delivery and for the fabrication of electronic devices.

The Centre of Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials (Nanomol) is a research group with wide expertise in the synthesis, processing and study of molecular and polymeric materials, mainly for electronic and biomedical applications, with tailored chemical, electrical, magnetic and biological properties. We continuously generate new knowledge in our basic and applied research projects regarding the micro and nano structuring of molecular materials.

We offer this knowledge to improve the properties of products manufactured in diverse sectors, such as chemical, pharmaceutic and electronic, thereby contributing to increasing their added value. As a group, we are actively involved in implementing nanotechnology and sustainable and economically efficient technologies for preparing advanced functional molecular materials. Nanomol group has the TECNIO label, which recognizes excellent Catalan groups in technology transfer, is part of the CIBER-BBN virtual research network of biomedical Institutes, and also is part of UNIT 6 of the ICTS NANBIOSIS.  


  • Prof. Jaume Veciana - Research Professor
  • Prof. Concepció Rovira - Research Professor
  • Dr. José Vidal - Tenured Scientist
  • Dr. Nora Ventosa - Research Scientist
  • Dr. Elena Laukhina - CIBER Researcher
  • Dr. Marta Mas-Torrent - Research Scientist
  • Dr. Imma Ratera - Tenured Scientist
  • Dr. Núria Crivillers - Tenured Scientist
  • Dr. Mª Pilar Elías - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Elisabet González - CIBER- Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Judith Guasch - Ramon y Cajal Researcher
  • Dr. Mariana Köber - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Francesca Leonardi - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Primariano di Mauro - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Paula Mayorga - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. José Muñoz - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Raphael Pfattner - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Tommaso Salzillo - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Nathaly Segovia - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Dr. Jufdit Morlá - Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Ariadna Boloix - PhD Researcher
  • Dolores Bueno - PhD Researcher
  • Aída Carreño - PhD Researcher
  • Nerea González - PhD Researcher
  • Jinghai Li - PhD Researcher
  • Marc Martínez - PhD Researcher
  • Eduardo Pérez - PhD Researcher
  • Simona Ricci - PhD Researcher
  • Jesus Alejandro de Sousa Rodriguez - PhD Researcher
  • Adrián Tamayo - PhD Researcher
  • Inés Temiño - PhD Researcher
  • Judit Tomsen - PhD Researcher
  • Guillem Vargas - PhD Researcher
  • Qioaming Zhang - PhD Researcher
  • Songbai Zhang - PhD Researcher
  • Lidia Ballell - PhD Researcher
  • Roberto Fabião Santos Abreu - PhD Researcher
  • José Ignacio Catalan  - PhD Researcher
  • Ángel Campos - PhD Researcher
  • Amable Bernabé - Technical Staff
  • Ramón González - Technical Staff
  • Arnau Jaumandreu - Technical Staff
  • David Piña - Technical Staff
  • Dr. Vega Lloveras - Technical Staff
  • Albert Revuelta - Technical Staff
  • Xavier Rodríguez - Technical Staff

Left: Representation of the high-throughput method for studying cell motility on modified surfaces with nanoparticles. Right: Schematic representation of the organic electronic device using a new type of electrolyte‐gated organic field‐effect transistor showing memory.


The NANOMOL main 2019 achievements are the following:

  • Development of a high-throughput methodology for studying cell motility on modified surfaces with nanoparticles.
  • Study of cell adhesion and migration on protein-coated microgrooved substrates having simultaneous chemical and topographical stimuli providing information on cell-surface interactions of interest in tissue engineering.
  • Modification of the Au work function by absorption of donor–acceptor self‐assembled monolayers providing practical hints to attain high work function shifts of metals upon SAM formation.
  • Novel insight on the physicochemical characteristics of DNA/PEI complexes and its influence on the transfection efficiency on a virus-like particle production platform.
  • Nanovesicular platform for clinical delivery of small RNAs with proved in vitro efficacy in Neuroblasoma cells lines.
  • Positive pre-clinical in-vivo evaluation of nanovesicles loaded with epidermal growth factor (WO2014/019555) for topical treatment of venous ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Starting of pre-clinical in-vivo evaluation of peptide targeted nanoliposomes loaded with alfa-galactosidase (WO2014/001509) for intravenous treatment of Fabry disease.
  • A method for switching reversibly the Au work function with a near infrared irradiation using a bistable SAM based on a radical donor–acceptor dyad.
  • The first example of an organic free radical as intrinsic circularly polarized luminescence emitter using the enantiomers of a propeller‐like trityl‐based radical derivative.
  • Development of a novel hydroresistive flexible film based on an organic molecular metal and its use as a flexible low-cost moisture sensing device.
  • A memory effect in an organic electronic device using a new type of electrolyte‐gated organic field‐effect transistor based on a tetrathiafulvalene derivative self‐assembled on gold in a microfluidic assembly.
  • A novel pressure‐sensitive platform based on a solid‐state aqueous electrolyte‐gated field‐effect transistor with a high electrical performance, long‐term stability and low‐consumption energy.
  • A survey on the use of organic semiconductors blended with insulating binding polymers as active materials in organic transistors addressed to prepare more reliable, less expensive devices with enhanced electrical performance.
  • Fabrication of solution-processed thin films based on charge transfer complexes exhibiting ambipolar characteristics.
  • Implementation of carbon-based composite electrodes as alternative gate contacts to conventional ones in organic field-effect transistors. The first molecular switch based on organic radical dendrimers showing electrochemical reversible switching by multielectron (up to 24 electrons/dendrimer) reduction and oxidation exhibiting optical and magnetic outputs.
  • Knowledge and technology transfer to pharmaceutical and Biotech companies Almirall S.A, Pharmamar S.A.,  Heber Biotech S.A. (Cuba); BioKeralty S.A., Nanomol Technologies S.L., DDR S.L., Covance S.A. (UK),  under diferent R&D projects, contracts and patent license agreements.


Synthesis of a vinylogue tetrathiafulvalene derivative and study of its charge transfer complex with TCNQF(4)
Salzillo, T; Crivillers, N; Mas-Torrent, M; Wurst, K; Veciana, J; Rovira, C
Synthetic Metals, 247, 144-150, 2019 

Cell Type-Dependent Integrin Distribution in Adhesion and Migration Responses on Protein-Coated Microgrooved Substrates
Sales, Adria; Ende, Karen; Diemer, Jennifer; Kyvik, Adriana R.; Veciana, Jaume; Ratera, Imma; Kemkemer, Ralf; Spatz, Joachim P.; Guasch, Judith
ACS Omega, 4, 1, 1791-1800, 2019

Two-dimensional self-assembly and electrical properties of the donor-acceptor tetrathiafulvalene-polychlorotriphenylmethyl radical on graphite substrates
Guasch, J; Crivillers, N; Souto, M; Ratera, I; Rovira, C; Samori, P; Veciana, J
Journal of Applied Physics, 125, 14, 2019

Functionalization of polyacrylamide for nanotrapping positively charged biomolecules
Davydova, N; Rodriguez, XR; Blazquez, C; Gomez, A; Perevyazko, I; Guasch, J; Sergeev, V; Laukhina, E; Ratera, I; Veciana, J
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Effect of the Molecular Polarizability of SAMs on the Work Function Modification of Gold: Closed- versus Open-Shell Donor-Acceptor SAMs
Diez-Cabanes, V; Morales, DC; Souto, M; Paradinas, M; Delchiaro, F; Painelli, A; Ocal, C; Cornil, D; Cornil, J; Veciana, J; Ratera, I
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Reversible switching of the Au(111) work function by near infrared irradiation with a bistable SAM based on a radical donor-acceptor dyad
Diez-Cabanes, V; Gomez, A; Souto, M; Gonzalez-Pato, N; Cornil, J; Veciana, J; Ratera, I
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Perylene pi-Bridges Equally Delocalize Anions and Cations: Proportioned Quinoidal and Aromatic Content
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Organic Free Radicals as Circularly Polarized Luminescence Emitters
Burrezo, PM; Jimenez, VG; Blasi, D; Ratera, I; Campana, AG; Veciana, J
Angewandte Chemie – Int. Ed. 58, 49, 16282-16288, 2019

High-Throughput Cell Motility Studies on Surface-Bound Protein Nanoparticles with Diverse Structural and Compositional Characteristics
Tatkiewicz, WI; Seras-Franzoso, J; Garcia-Fruitos, E; Vazquez, E; Kyvik, AR; Ventosa, N; Guasch, J; Villaverde, A; Veciana, J; Ratera, I
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Solution-sheared thin films of a donor-acceptor random copolymer/polystyrene blend as active material in field-effect transistors
Leonardi, F; Zhang, QM; Kim, YH; Mas-Torrent, M
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 93, 105-110, 2019

EGOFET Gated by a Molecular Electronic Switch: A Single-Device Memory Cell
Parkula, V; Maglione, MS; Casalini, S; Zhang, QM; Greco, P; Bortolotti, CA; Rovira, C; Mas-Torrent, M; Biscarini, F
Adv. Electr. Mater. 5, 6, 2019

A Solid-State Aqueous Electrolyte-Gated Field-Effect Transistor as a Low-Voltage Operation Pressure-Sensitive Platform
Zhang, QM; Leopardi, F; Pfattner, R; Mas-Torrent, M
Adv. Mater. Inter. 6, 16, 1900719, 2019

Solution-processed thin films of a charge transfer complex for ambipolar field-effect transistors
Salzillo, T; Campos, A; Mas-Torrent, M
J. Mater. Chem. C, 7, 33, 10257-10263, 2019

Organic Semiconductor/Polymer Blend Films for Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Riera-Galindo, S; Leonardi, F; Pfattner, R; Mas-Torrent, M
Advanced Materials Technologies, 4, 9, 2019

Impact of the Ink Formulation and Coating Speed on the Polymorphism and Morphology of a Solution-Sheared Thin Film of a Blended Organic Semiconductor
Tamayo, A; Riera-Galindo, S; Jones, AOF; Resel, R; Mas-Torrent, M
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On the Sensing Mechanisms of a Hydroresistive Flexible Film Based on an Organic Molecular Metal
Pfattner, Raphael; Laukhina, Elena; Ferlauto, Laura; Liscio, Fabiola; Milita, Silvia; Crespi, Anna; Lebedev, Victor; Mas-Torrent, Marta; Laukhin, Vladimir; Rovira, Concepcio; Veciana, Jaume
ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 1, 9, 1781-1791, 2019

A fast and remote screening method for sub-micro-structuration in pressurized mixtures containing water and carbon dioxide
Stehle, S; Lay, EN; Triolo, A; Ventosa, N; Braeuer, AS
Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 152, 2019

Impact of physicochemical properties of DNA/PEI complexes on transient transfection of mammalian cells
Gonzalez-Dominguez, I; Grimaldi, N; Cervera, L; Ventosa, N; Godia, F
New Biotechnology, 49, 88-97, 2019

Redox-Active PTM Radical Dendrimers as Promising Multifunctional Molecular Switches
Lloveras, Vega; Liko, Flonja; Munoz-Gomez, Jose L.; Veciana, Jaume; Vidal-Gancedo, Jose
Chemistry of Materials, 31, 22, 9400-9412

 Carbon-paste nanocomposites as unconventional gate electrodes for electrolyte-gated organic field-effect transistors: electrical modulation and bio-sensing.
J. Muñoz, F. Leonardi, T. Özmen, M. Riba-Moliner, A. González-Campo, M. Baeza, M. Mas-Torrent
Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 7, 14993, 2019


Nanovesicles and its use for nucleic acid delivery. Segura, M; Gallego, S; Sánchez de Toledo, J; Soriano, A; A. Boloix, N. Segovia, Veciana, J; Ventosa, N; Application number: EP19382372; Priority date: 13-5-2019; Titular entities: VHIR, CSIC and CIBER.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Judit Tomsen, best oral presentation at European Students Colloid Conference (ESC-2019); Varna (Bulgaria); 18-19 June 2019
  • Adrian Tamayo, Poster Prize at European Conference on Molecular Electronics (ECME2019).
  • Ariadna Boloix, best poster prize at the “13a Jornada Científica del VHIR i 23a Conferència Anual de Vall d'Hebron”, Barcelona, 16 December 2019
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